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Helping Alberta reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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The Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation was created in 2009 as another tool to support Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy. A not-for profit organization, the CCEMC supports projects that help Alberta to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

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Money contributed by Large Final Emitters to the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund, in compliance with the province’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation, is provided to the CCEMC through a grant agreement with the Government of Alberta. Funds are then invested by the CCEMC into projects that will have an actual and sustainable impact on reducing GHG emissions.

CCEMC Projects

To date, the CCEMC has committed more than $349 million in projects valued at more than $2.2 billion.

Transformative technologies that have the potential to change the shape of Alberta’s energy industry are critical to reducing emissions from fossil fuels. The CCEMC, industry and other organizations are working together to support innovative projects that will play an important role in reducing GHG emissions and transitioning Alberta to a lower carbon future.

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Building a More Diverse Economy

CCEMC investments in clean technology help to diversify and strengthen Alberta’s economy. For every dollar the CCEMC invests in clean tech projects, on average more than $5 are also invested.

The Conference Board of Canada found that the total economic benefit of CCEMC investments between 2011 and 2016 would be more than $2.4 billion and provide more than 15,000 person years of full-time equivalent employment.

Local Focus, Global Impact

While the CCEMC focus is on reducing GHG emissions in Alberta, some of the technologies the organization supports will also benefit the world. For example, a company called Inventys has a technology that is reducing GHG emissions in Alberta, and also in the UK. A bio refinery technology that was developed in the tiny hamlet of Hairy Hill, near Vegreville, is now being sold around the world.

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Selecting Projects

The CCEMC operates a structured competitive process to ensure fairness and the selection of the best possible projects.

The CCEMC uses a two-stage process to select successful projects based on three major criteria – technical, financial and greenhouse gas reductions.


The CCEMC portfolio emphasizes projects that will provide GHG reductions sooner, rather than later. Ninety-one percent of CCEMC funds are currently invested in projects at later stages of maturity.

CCEMC funded projects to date are estimated to reduce emissions in Alberta by nearly 12 megatonnes by 2020. Further reductions will occur as a result of commercialization or broad scale adoption of these technologies.

The Path Forward

Albertans are responsible resource developers with a long and proud history of pioneering new technologies. The CCEMC is working to accelerate technology development through collaboration with government, industry and all other relevant organizations.

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