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In the tiny hamlet of Hairy Hill, approximately 100 kilometres east of Edmonton, GPHH is developing the first Integrated BioRefinery™ in Canada. The refinery, also the world’s first carbon neutral biofuel plant, utilizes a unique system that processes a number of raw biomass products into high-value products such as fuel ethanol, green power, and bioFertilizer.

The GPPH Integrated BioRefinery™ is powered by IMUS™, another Alberta technology, that extracts useful energy from agricultural waste, while destroying all potentially harmful pathogens and reclaiming water. The plant will produce ethanol based on local cattle feed wheat and will also produce a high-nutrient byproduct that will supply food to a local cattle feedlot. The GPPH BioFuel plant will have an energy balance of 1:7, far higher than conventional ethanol at 1:1.4.

GPHH representatives say that the due diligence of the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) speaks volumes to the outside world about the quality achievements of the company’s technology: “It’s a real Alberta success story. Using home-grown technologies, you end up with a project like GPHH, where you’re producing food plus fuel and you’re getting ethanol that’s best in class.”

It’s a renewable energy technology that can be bragged about worldwide, and GPHH attributes that to the credibility of being affiliated with the CCEMC.

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