Protocol Validation Studies

The Prasino Group

This project will conduct Protocol Validation Studies (PVS) on two offset protocols:

1. Beef Reduced Age to Harvest

2. Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reduction

The Alberta agriculture sector has several offset protocols for generating credits from avoided greenhouse gas emissions under the Alberta Offset System; however, to date, few of the agricultural protocols have been adopted by project developers.

These Protocol Validation Studies are intended to provide a learning tool to move early adopters, aggregators and verifiers past barriers that exist in implementing projects under these protocols, and help them in designing scalable approaches to adopting these protocols to optimize GHG reductions.

The Prasino Group provides consulting, products and project development services to public and private clients in the agriculture, energy and food sectors. Their team enables clients to meet environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives in environmental policy, markets and economics.

Karen Haugen-Kozyra has served in various sustainable policy, planning and technical positions including work with Climate Change Central where she implemented the necessary market processes, infrastructure and tools needed to create Alberta’s Carbon Offset Market.

CCEMC funded this project through the Biological GHG Management Program, administered by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions. Partnership is also provided by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

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