Energy Efficiency

REMVue/Slipstream Air/Fuel Ratio Control and Vent Capture Project

Cenovus Energy Inc.

As one of Canada’s largest oil producers, it’s not a surprise that Cenovus Energy knows the importance of energy efficiency to the bottom line. But in an industry that’s driven by economics, the issue of being energy efficient comes down to a matter of feasibility.

Cenovus staff identified two technologies that could be used in their operations to increase energy efficiency but these specific technologies weren’t given as high a priority as some other efficiency opportunities within the company. In June 2010, the CCEMC became the sole funding partner for this Cenovus Energy efficiency project, marking a significant step forward for the company’s ability to apply clean energy technology.

“We usually fund our projects internally, but with the CCEMC, we can pursue a broader scope of opportunities than would be possible acting on our own. This type of collaborative approach is essential for all of industry to achieve energy efficiency goals,” explains Dave Hassan, Team Lead of Environmental Technology Investments with Cenovus.

The energy efficiency project involves installing two distinct efficiency technologies in select engines: the REMVue air/fuel ratio controllers and a Slipstream vent-gas injection controller. Combined, the technologies will significantly reduce fuel usage, natural gas and GHG emissions.

“Vented natural gas is actually 21 times worse than CO2 in terms of global warming potential,” Hassan notes. “Collecting natural gas through this project will have a huge benefit, and we’re really happy to have the CCEMC funding to help us do so.”

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